Wrestling Builds Character


Although wrestling is not the most popular or most glamorous sport there is, it builds character among many other things.

Wrestling is a sport that also helps improve one’s speed and agility, as well as builds strength and stamina. There is no better way to get in shape than to get out there on the mat with someone that is the same weight as you are and wrestle around with them for 6 minutes.

Like anything in life, to be good at something takes a lot of hard work, and wrestling is no different. And all the hard work that you put into it will pay off, because there is no greater feeling of accomplishment when you wrestle someone and walk off the mat a winner. I know because I wrestled for 6 years and I’m a better person today for doing it.
Unfortunately, these days when a team loses no matter what the sport, there is a lot of finger pointing, someone blaming someone else for their team losing. Since wrestling is a one on one sport, if you lose the only person you can blame is yourself.

Wrestling builds character, so if your looking for away to help your kids build character and build their self esteem, I highly recommend that you get them involved with wrestling. Not only will it help them in those areas, but later on in life they will look back and be glad that they were a part of something that gives one a feeling of accomplishment and personal achievement.